Terms & Conditions

Rao Vat Canada is a media to connect people

Rao Vat Canada is free of charge service. We try to make our system useful for all. Therefore the Terms & Conditions are quite simple as follows:

  • If you post your Advertisement, try to give real data. Please send time to fill in as defail as possible information on the form, even for optional fields. For example: your Post will get attention of potential customers heavily if you have nice Pictures and Videos for them to evaluate. Second example is that filling SEO. Description with the most extractive message so that Internet User can't wait clicking on your Post and also fill in SEO Keywords with the text you think your potential customers will search for your products and services.
  • If case you view other Post and need to comment, please take nice message.
  • Last but not least for us, if you think our service is nice, and especially if you have success deal by using our service, please kindly come back to describe your case/deal on Menu>>Customer Talks about US. That will stimuate our work and we really would like to hear feadback from our Users. 

Thank you very much for visiting us - www.raovatcanada.ca